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Name : VidMate
Latest Version :3.28
Size :6.85MB
Downloads  in India :100 million+
Requirement : Android 2.3+  /Windows 32bit

The present era is the era of development where everyone is willing to get to the top and for getting to the apogee they try in the best possible way they can. But, in such a crucial fight i.e. fight for survival, for recognition, for consideration, etc. we are somehow losing ourselves. Our body is there, but our souls are somewhere else lost in the very thought of getting to the top always. So, in order to lead such a hectic life cheerfully we must have the assistance of the best possible tool present in the current date. In this very little free time, most of us tend to entertain ourselves by the virtue of activities like watching videos, listening to songs, etc.

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A few minutes of these activities get us going for hours of the bunches of hectic tasks which all of us are somehow bound to do in some way or the other in order to command our existence in today’s ever developing world. This competition is even more as it comes to a developing country like India, where the efforts to be applied needs to be four times in order to get an equal amount of output that one can easily get in a developed country like USA, or Australia. One can simply assert the reason behind it calling India a developing country, here activities like corruption and several other similar ones tend to suck and rust the development of our nation to a great extent. So, in such a country, since the efforts needs to be four times, the entertainment too needs to be four times. Since in India most of us are entertainment freak and through researches it has been found that the most common activities which helps most of us are watching online and offline videos and movies and listening to songs.

So, in such a scenario all that is required to meet all these requirements is an app which will let us enjoy movies and videos both in online and offline mode by taking care of the irritating foes like buffering, poor picture quality. So, if you are an entertainment freak person or are too bored with your ever busy life, give yourself a moment of respite and cherish by downloading the vidmate video downloading app now available in the ever most latest and mind boggling versions that possibly can be thought of with all the features that will give you the best of the pleasure of online and offline video watching and song listening.

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